Saturday, May 03, 2008

We won! We won! We won!

This "Year of a Million Dreams" thing is pretty swell. We have won several items, fast passes, after hours stays and a special table at the Golden Horseshoe Review. We came home last week from one of our many trips to Disneyland and found two boxes waiting. They were from "Disney Parks" as you can see on the return address. I opened the boxes, wondering what I ordered in my night stupor that I didn't remember, and low and behold we had won "Dream Ears"! Which might have been useful if it came a week earlier, but that is not really important right now.

We won! That's all that matters. Until I thought of why we won..... We had entered, faithfully I might add, our 2 post cards a day for 18 days to try and win a stay in the Dream Suite. I guess we didn't win that but won these instead. *sigh*

There is something so fun about winning anything from Disney, even if it is small. Like the Dream after hour thing we won at the park. Something so fun about seeing the Dream Squad and WINNING! I have already entered into the Annual Pass Holder site for a chance to ride the new Toy Story Mania before it opens to the public. I have no hope that I would win as I did the same thing for the new Nemo ride, but didn't win. :-(

As much as I enjoyed receiving the prize, I much more love these 50th anniversary ears my dear friend Marti gave me! They have my name on them! They were part of a 2005 Birthday gift (before blog time) which had among the gifts.....a Mickey balloon! That was so great. I never knew you could mail them and that they would arrive good as new.

So, you Southern Californians....send a Mickey Ear balloon to your loved ones for their birthday.

It is something they will never forget!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!!!
Bring your new ears down the next time you're here. They will embroider your name on it!
You deserve all the good things that come to you - including Mickey balloons!