Monday, June 30, 2008

I can create!

My friend Marti is constantly posting about her creative bursts. I must admit, I do envy her ability to do just about anything. So..I am trying to find a spark of creativity!

Some time ago we had a Disney Outlet open for a few weeks in our area. I scored some sweet Disney dessert dishes, which I gave to my creative friend Marti for her birthday, but that is not important right now! :D (nod to Marti)

I bought this Main Street picture at said outlet. Since then, I have been stewing about making something like this with letters from Disneyland spelling out my last name. So, I have been collecting pictures of letters on my trips to Disneyland and stealing them from Marti's site. I decided to start putting my idea into action.

Here is a first look at my idea

Maybe I have a creative thought or two!

Yo soy Juan Martinez!


your son said...

i love it!

Marti said...

YOU SOOO ROCK! I can't believe you. That is a wonderful project - I'm glad I inspire SOMEONE! ha!