Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Russians Are Coming....to Visalia?

On our last trip to Disneyland we stayed at the Grand Californian. They have a brochure rack with many brochures of things you might like to do while in Anaheim.

Granted, some people might want to do something other than go to Disneyland. I don't know who....but, I concede there might be someone. I was impressed that they had brochures from their competitor Knotts Berry Farm.

But what really cracked me up was these two brochures. First, the one about Visalia. Visalia is a very nice city, just at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. (notice I say Sierra not Sierras, which is the correct usage but is not important right now)

Let me continue, Visalia is 5 hours (at least) from Anaheim! Why would you have a brochure about that? I mean, yes, you might want to go to THE SIERRA, but probably not to Visalia. I mean, really, why would you go to Visalia when you could go to HANFORD?

Then there is the curious brochure about the Russian Attack Submarine. How did we get it? Apparently there is a web site. Here it is! Who knew. Perhaps this is where the idea came for the movie "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming".

Maybe I can get Marti to go and take pictures for me. Because whenever I go to Anaheim I go to only two destinations. Marti's home and Disneyland.

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