Monday, June 16, 2008

What a great gift!

Because we are such Disney fans, we get lots of Disney themed gifts! :D

We were blessed recently with this gift. I would never have bought this for myself. Not because I don't like it but because I never consider going on a cruise. (where you would see it for sale) I'm not against cruises per se, but I am weary of them. I think I watch too many Discovery Channel shows.

For example, "The Deadliest Catch" is a pretty amazing show about crab fishing. After watching a show like that, you will never take your crab for granted, but I digress. On this show, and on others, I have learned about a phenomena called "a rogue wave".
Rogue waves, also known as freak waves, or extreme waves, are relatively large and spontaneous ocean surface waves which are a threat even to large ships and ocean liners. That ship, in the picture above, was a Coast Guard vessel! You can read the story HERE.

There are also stories of cruise ships being hit. Like this story from May 3, 2005:

The seven-story freak wave that slammed into the cruise ship Norwegian Dawn last month was not so freakish after all. Rogue waves are more common than most people realize, and scientists are starting to predict when and where they will strike.

There are other reasons why I am afraid of crime, (most cruises are in international waters, so our laws don't apply) sicknesses, (do I have to mention Legionnaires' disease) or SHARKS!

A wonderful family from our church went on a Disney Cruise. It was the new one that is located here on the West Coast. They brought back this lovely replica of the boat signed by the captain! I just love it. There are lots of hidden mickeys and I must is tempting. Especially if you look at this site. While enjoying that site, looking at the pictures, and loving Disney I am almost tempted to book a cruise that is, until I watch the Discovery Channel.

Thanks Bill & Lori. We really love the gift! It is right here on my shelf, just under my picture of Pongo and Perdi. We could be obsessed!


Tricia said...

Smart Idea about avoiding Cruises, did you know a cruise ship got hit in Spain just this year (2010) in April. 2 people died and 6 injured.. But Love the Disney stuff. Gotta Love Mickey :) Keep collecting !

Tricia said...

oops forgot.. got hit by a Rouge Wave that is !

It's no bad thing to celebrate a simple life! (Bilbo Baggns) said...

Hi Tricia! Rouge waves scare me along with sharks! I use to love the ocean but now only from a distance! Thanks for stopping by!