Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A rose by any name....

I love roses! We have many roses at our church. They line the sidewalks. Here is one of the blooms. Truly beautiful. They are old bushes. They have been there for at least 60 years. I wonder who donated them? I wonder what their names are?

My friend, Marti, has just put a white picket fence around her yard. The roses are beautiful. See for yourself

As it turns out, the name of this rose is "Disneyland". I have decided I must have it. I will have to get my own!

I did find them at Disneyland. Aren't they wonderful?


Mary said...

those are so pretty.....i want some too!!!!!

Marti said...

I'm completely in love with those roses! I have already taken hundreds of pictures of them. What a great find!