Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Guitars, worship and pride, finally the point

All of these posts begain with me looking through some old photos trying to find a specific photo I know exists. It was of my son and his friend Luke leading worship at our church when they were young(er) I didn't find the one I wanted (yet) but I did find 2 other ones. The picture above is of Geno and his sister leading worship at our family camp. They both took lessons, but either because we started her too late or she just didn't have a desire to continue Mary doesn't play now. But then she tried. It is one of those moments parents are so proud of. My son took lessons from the time he was 5 until he went to college which made him about 18. He still has contact with his guitar teacher. We went each week for all those years. Mary went with him from about age 10 to 16. They had a wonderful teacher who charged $7.50 for 30 minutes. So it cost us $15.00 an hour. Amazing. It was money well spent. We were not rich but we wanted to invest in our children's life. Music lessons is a great way to do that. The study of music brings character, patience and a since of accomplishment. Even if they don't become great musicians, they learn many valuable life lessons.

Why the guitar? Well, he received a guitar for Christmas when he was 5. We couldn't afford a piano or had the room for one. So we opted for the common Jesus Movement instrument, the guitar. We figured he could play that anywhere. It would not be hard to take along and could be a blessing to others. This turned out true. He has played in many places and even countries. He has turned into quite the musician but going to a Christian School he didn't get many accolades about it since they were only interested in orchestra instruments. Tried as we might, they didn't believe the guitar was an orchestra instrument. He did play for their first worship team which was cool in it's own way.

That was a huge digression. Anyway, I did find this picture. It is of Gene and Luke in our living room playing guitars! This photo makes me smile.

Last Sunday night our church started a bible study in a neighboring city named Lemoore. Gene, Luke and Kelly lead the worship. I had to choke back tears as I listened to them. They play so well together. They complement each other and seem to know intuitively the other's style. They don't get to play together as much now a days since Luke lives 40ish minutes away. (that is big here in our valley, nothing I know to Southern California) But I think they will always have that understanding of each other's style. I receive so much joy when I hear them. It is a thing only a mom can know.

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Marti said...

I love that.

I can barely listen to your son sing - he is so annointed. He always brings tears to my eyes. I can't imagine how you can keep it together when you hear him and Kelly regularly. But you're right - a lot is a mom's point of view.

Thanks for sharing.