Saturday, July 26, 2008

We tried, maybe it isn't in our blood!

After reading my friend Marti's blog, we decided to make the wonderful Cuban coffee demonstrated on her July 24th post. My husband loves coffee and has many, many, many ways to make it. (did I mention he has MANY ways) :D

He was intrigued by her post and set out to try his hand. He is Italian, it could be argued that espresso was invented by Italians, but that is not important right now!
With my new iphone in hand for quick reference, we set out to create the famed brew.

We didn't have the Cuban coffee, but we had this Brazilian gem. (we figured it was close in geography)

First attempt failed. He was using one of his many stove top makers, and it appeared to be plugged. So he started over.

For good luck, we used the espresso cups Marti sent as a gift.

Here it comes!

This looked promising....

But alas, the espumita failed. :-(

Nice color though!

My husband will not be thwarted. He has been working on it ever since (maybe 10 times since yesterday!)

Better! It must be the cups! One question....what do you do if you are diabetic?

Practice makes perfect, well...almost perfect! Only Kikita can make it perfect!


Marti said...

YAY!!! You guys are so awesome!
The trick is in stirring the coffee-wet sugar hard and fast... I know. Easy for me to say when it's my daughter who makes it. Ha!
Thanks for being such great sports!


Kikita said...

I'm so proud!
It looks like it all came out very well in the end!
Thank you for being so dedicated. I'm truly touched.

(even if mine IS practically perfect in everyway, "imitation is the highest form of flattery")