Thursday, August 28, 2008

40 years ago! Wow....

A friend brought in a recent World Magazine (below). The summer of 68. There were lots of things in 1968 that were horrible, but one amazing thing happened. It was called "the Jesus Movement". In America it was a time of discontent but also of revival. I was only 12 in 1968. Yes, Gene and I consider ourselves saved during the revival of the Jesus movement, but it was about 10 years later.

This article brought back many fond memories of our transformation. You see, we were married in 1976. I had accepted Jesus as my savior at a Baptist summer camp during the 6o's. So, even though I was not living the way I should, I knew His voice. I knew the things I was doing was wrong but thought of it as a dog connected to a rope line. I knew the rope was running out, but I figured I had slack to run.

That's us! I love this picture, even if it is in Hussongs Cantina and we were drunk. (but that is not important right now) The thing is we ended up almost destroying our lives with drinking and drugs. Then one day we went to see a movie "The Late Great Planet Earth". It was then we gave our lives to the Lord. Things changed immediately. (this is an abbreviated version of my testimony, because I want to get to the point)

We started to go to church! Not just any church but Calvary Chapel of Riverside. (Lately, I have read a lot of negative things about Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith. They are always some kind of vague stupid comments about Chuck Smith and the way his church, Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa does their inner workings. About that I want to say a couple of things....those people talk as if they know Chuck personally, which they don't, and they talk as if they know how the church is run because they read a book or two. So, you don't like it? Go to a different church and get on with your life. All of that angers me because why don't these people live their lives to the glory of God and why do they think they have to spend hours and hours tearing someone else apart? But that is not the reason I am posting!)

I love that quote about Calvary Chapel -
Today the number of Christians descended from the Calvary Chapel movement is incalculable.

I am one of them! All these years later, Calvary Chapel is still going strong, Chuck Smith is still preaching the Gospel and the world is affected for good. Starving people are being fed, naked people are being clothed and the good news of eternal life is being spread.

Ah...the baptisms in the Ocean! Look at it! That was the way it was. Thousands wanted to be baptized. It was such an amazing thing in the site of all the turmoil present in the world. I am so thankful for Calvary Chapel. Our lives were completely changed. I am so thankful we gave our children the life I didn't have. My family made such a mess of their lives, and thankfully, the Lord saved my husband and I before we did the same. My children were able to grow up with the knowledge that they are loved by us and by God! Even though we never had lots of money, we had an abundance of love and lots of laughter!

In 1983 we went on staff at Calvary Chapel of San Bernardino and a few years later we went to Hanford to pastor a few people who wanted their own Calvary Chapel. Wow, how things changed. We were able to simplify our lives and follow the path the Lord set out for us, but that is a whole other post topic!

What I really loved and miss now is the music that came out of the Jesus Movement. Chuck started Maranatha music and they put out so many amazing albums. Our café has the different albums framed and up on the walls. Some artists have visited and signed the albums. That is such a thrill for us.

My favorite cover is for Maranatha 5! The kid is cleaning up in the café and the angels are rocking out around the juke box! I like to think that is the way it is at our café!

And, I like to imagine our little church looks like this! (sorry Geno, trust me, it looks colorful)

What was this post about? I'm not sure...but I think it was about good memories!


Casey said...

Awesome post Pam, thanks for telling your story. I loved the pictures.

Marti said...


Your post was wonderful. I remember those early days and I'm so grateful you prayed for me and shared the gospel so generously with me.

I always tell people that you are the one who introduced me to Jesus.
For that, I'll be ETERNALLY grateful. =D

Your B.F.F.

Welcome to my blog! said...

Remember how we use to stay up all night and share? I use to write you long letters all about Jesus. I remember you guys calling it "The Book of Pam". Ha! Love you too! B.F.F. Forever