Monday, August 18, 2008

Family camp, this coming weekend!

Our church is able to have family camp again after about 10 years. We use to go every year, but then the local YMCA who owned the camp sold it to the Fresno YMCA and they didn't want to let us come for a reasonable fee. For some reason it is back with our local YMCA and we were able to rent the camp for this coming weekend. We do all kinds of fun things. Funny, but my kids love family camp. It is Camp Redwood at Lake Sequoia in the Sierra. The cabins are rustic, but there are bathrooms.

My kids have fond memories of the contests we have. We call them "the water olympics"! Last week the special ribbons came! They even have our "logo" for this year's camp.

Pretty sweet!

Anyway, the ribbons are beautiful! I have to figure out how to win one! These are the categories-

Ping-Pong Blow
Match Race
Canoe Race
T-Shirt Rally
Crazy Dive
Fishing Derby
Gold Rush

Well, the gold rush is for small children, I probably can't compete in that. I probably can't do most of the events, now that I think of it. Maybe I need to focus on fishing. My winning of a ribbon is looking pretty bleak, but I can dream!

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