Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It takes me back!

Last week my husband went to a meeting in Bakersfield.
He came home with this...

A lovely little thing from Marie Callender's! It took me back to my high school years. We loved going to Marie Callender's. My friends would order ice coffee and I would order ice tea. (I tried the iced coffee, but I just couldn't acquire the taste for it, but that is not important right now)

I opened the box and there was this masterpiece! I haven't had a Lemon Meringue Pie for ages! The memories come back..the firsco burger, the hot bacon dressing (I think they stopped serving that one), the potato cheese soup, the CORN BREAD! But things have changed. For example you can get the corn bread in a box at the supermarket. That just seems wrong, unless of coarse you would like to have some great corn bread at home! :D

We don't have a Marie Callender's in our town. There is one in Visalia and Fresno, but who wants to go that far, especially with gas these days. So, happy anniversary Marie, here's to 60 more!

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