Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who knew?

We are so loved by all of our congregation! Not long ago I talked about how we get lots of Disney gifts. Another thing we get a lot of is just about anything coffee. Well, Gene gets it. :D I get to enjoy the gifts as well! This was one of those surprise gifts. It is a mug...but not just any mug. It is a mug from Monticello! Apparently Thomas Jefferson loved coffee!

As evidenced by this quote!

Other things to know about Jefferson and Coffee-

In 1824 Thomas Jefferson deemed coffee "the favorite drink of the civilized world." Jefferson enjoyed the coffee houses of Williamsburg and Paris, and served coffee at the President's House, Poplar Forest, and Monticello. He preferred beans imported from the East and West Indies, and abhorred the "green" or unripe beans that were popular in America at the time.

Jefferson estimated that a pound of coffee a day was consumed at Monticello during his retirement. His cellar was stocked with unroasted beans in barrels weighing as much as sixty pounds. Small quantities of beans were roasted and ground in the Monticello kitchen, and then prepared according to the recipe of Adrien Petit, Jefferson's French maître d'hôtel:

"On one measure of the coffee ground into meal pour three measures of boiling water. Boil it on hot ashes mixed with coal till the meal disappears from the top, when it will be precipitated. Pour it three times through a flannel strainer. It will yield 2 1/3 measures of clear coffee."

Coffee was served at breakfast, and likely after dinner, in a silver coffee urn made to Jefferson's design.

Information taken from here! Check out this site for more about Thomas Jefferson.

Now don't you feel educated? Hey Luke, how do you like this mug?

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Luke said...

I do like that mug! I'd rather have that silver urn though. How cool is that!