Monday, September 22, 2008

52 years and counting

We got back from Disneyland and boy do I have stories! Happy for all my readers, or maybe not so happy!

We arrived and were waiting in line at the Paradise Pier Hotel. Ahead of us was a group of 3 older folks (older than me?) who seemed to be having a misunderstanding about the cost of the stay. We didn't mind the wait, since we were on vacation! But, I guess the management was worried about the line so we were directed to another desk where we were promptly helped by the young man on the right. As we were answering all the pertantant questions we heard the nice man on the left saying things like-"no....they have not checked in yet" and "yes we can do that"....then the word "Kelly", which made us crack up. Yes, it was our darling Kelly on the phone. She was ordering some surprises for us. After she hung up, we felt it only right to let the gentleman know what we were laughing about.

He was so apologetic about it, but we loved the whole thing! It didn't matter that the surprise was spoiled, because after all, it was still a surprise!

So what was the surprise.....

We go to our room and start to put the card in the door and was ajar! Hummmm....Gene peeks in and housekeeping was in there doing something. We thought the room wasn't ready but then he noticed she was putting something in the room. So we waited. And waited, and waited more. (about 15 minutes) When she left, she was apologetic that we saw her. We didn't mind, because it was a surprise. What was it?

Wait for it....wait for it!

Rose petals on the floor! And...

On the bed! How fun!

Then a knock on the door! Even more!

(it even looks like her handwriting!)

This note was with these-

How wonderful! Not to mention delicious!

Who could be more blessed?

Can you even wait for more posts? Believe me, there's more!

Did I mention the Mickey treats?

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Marti said...

THAT was amazing!!
How very blessed you are.

(Actually, how very blessed am I to have YOU as a friend??)