Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday week...

Kelly has added a new thing to my life. Birthday week! With my name being Pandora, it fits so perfectly! They don't have to be big or flashy (sometimes they are as in the previous post) but it is mostly about the fun of getting a gift! Kelly loves birthdays so much that she decided to make them last a week long. Each day of our trip there was a gift waiting for me. (obviously she worked this out with Gene)

Day one was the wonderful surprises mentioned in the last post, day 2 was a great product called Bed Head Moose Wax.

Works pretty great!

Here is a list of the great gifts I got on birthday week from Gene and Kelly:
Day 3-A flame less candle that even "blows" out.
Day 4-2 Ann clark cookie cutters with recipes
Day 5-A genuine Chefmate double boiler. (I have never had a true one, always rigged whenever I needed one)
Day 6-A really cool red silicone egg whisk by Cuisipro.
Day 7-Pixar Short Films

Thanks guys! What a fun week!

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Marti said...

Okay. I tap we make Kelly - The Birthday Queen.
Does anyone second the motion?

Birthday week. I LOVE that.