Sunday, September 14, 2008

face on the fence

I was looking through pictures for a softball/soccer post and came across this. My son, Gene, took this picture years ago.

We use to participate in the Kings County Fair. I would enter things like jelly, Cross Stitch projects and various baked goods.

(Couldn't resist. This has been hanging in my garage for YEARS! I am not even sure when it was won. Some time in the 90's.)

Back to the face on the fence. I can still remember looking out of my bathroom window and seeing that face! It kind of freaked me out, but being the amazing mom that I am, I saw the opportunity for a photo. I called Geno and said look at that! He took a picture and won a blue ribbon at the fair, but not just the local fair, but it qualified for the State Fair. I packaged it up and sent it off and he won there too! I forgot how much he won (they give cash prizes) but it didn't matter because my boy WON! You know what? That face is still there!

Maybe a little more worn, but there!

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the son that won said...

it's the mothman!