Monday, September 15, 2008

Talking on the mac!

A couple of weeks ago Gene opened an e-card, or what he thought was an e-card. To his defense we know lots of people and he gets a fair share of e-cards. So it isn't completely unusual that he would receive one. He went to open it and was a virus. It completely destroyed his laptop. It was old, and truthfully he really needed to upgrade, but it is such a hassle. Files have to be transferred things are lost, you get the idea. He decided he was fed up with the PC and switched to MAC. We were always held back because a lot of the programs we use at the church office are windows based. He decided he would go for it. Funny but my son found some cross over programs that made the other windows programs work. (they make the program think it is a windows operating system and then will open it-programs like quickbooks)

One of the features is a way the Gene's can talk to each other and control each others laptops. CJ just happened to be over that night and we let her talk to 'ene. (baby talk for Gene)


There he is! It's 'ene!

I'll tell you one thing, it works way better than the camera I have in my laptop! I'm switching! I just need some cash! :D

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