Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's my birthday!

Last year I told you about my mom and how she always buys me presents on holidays. I know that isn't too odd, but you will have to read my past post to figure out why it is odd! This year she found an amazing thing! It's a framed picture of "Mickey's Den". What makes it so special is that it use to hang in the Disneyland Hotel. When they refurbished the hotel, they took out lots of things. Apparently they took this out. It is a concept art drawing of Mickey's Land, which became Toontown. What I love about the picture is that it has so many details. Like an Oscar, key to a city, (probably Anaheim) Newspaper that Pluto obviously brought in (because of the bite area), picture of Walt over the fireplace, Mickey Ears, etc....(click on the picture, it should open bigger)

What a thoughtful gift! Thanks Mom!

Did I mention it is 47 1/2 " X 32 1/2 "? It pretty much takes up the whole wall! :-I


gene said...

happy birthday mom!

Sarah Mundy said...

happy birthday beatiful! Hope you enjoy every moment!