Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LDN Update, at Disneyland

I know, not good. I had to break down and use the wheel chair. I just could not walk the average of 6 miles we usually do. But, I think there could be a couple of reasons why. First it was a little hotter than my generally body likes. Second, I may have had a virus. Monday night I had chills and nausea. Whenever I am sick (with a virus), I seem to always have a flare up of M.S. associated symptoms.

So, although I am not ready to throw in the towel and say I am progressing with M.S. - I have to admit I wasn't my best. I was sluggish, stiff and slow. We still had a great time, but my poor Gene had to do a lot of pushing.

Don't feel sad for me. We were in the "happiest place on earth"! And we had a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Great attitude Pam! You're awesome. I'm glad you had so much fun!