Friday, October 31, 2008

Colds don't keep her down!

There was many knocks on the door tonight, but one was the only one that really mattered to me. Can you guess who? Of coarse it was my little granddaughter!

Not exactly sure what fairy she was, I'm guessing Tinkerbell. She was out even though she has been fighting a cold. (we didn't have her this week because of that)

She almost looked like she didn't want to leave! I sure miss her when we don't get to see her. This week is especially bad since we are going out of town on Sunday, so we don't even get to see her then. I'm feeling very lonely for her.

Tonight was a blessing! We think we had close to 100 kids. That is a lot. The past few years there has not been as many as 20. Oh well, it's not like it use to be, is it? I remember the days of making your own costume, mostly hobos because that was easy. Then you take a pillowcase and fill it many times over. Every home participated in Halloween and it was all in good fun. Now a days you have to worry about so many horrible things. Kids being poisoned, abducted or worse. It's just too bad that these kids will never know those days. The days shown on ET are long gone. Sigh.

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