Thursday, October 30, 2008

I was starting to be worried....

I wanted to stop and take a decent picture, but the rest of the car occupants said NO! They don't seem to understand my drive to show my daily sites.

I was starting to be worried. Although I had the normal October bad feelings that everyone around here attributes to cotton defoliation, I hadn't seen any cotton being picked, any planes flying with their defoliant,no cotton blowing around the highway, no gins ginning cotton, nothing. Gene said he didn't think as much cotton was being grown because of the profit. He said the farmers are planting something else. On our way to Visalia to go to the pumpkin patch (future post) we saw this out of the window!

So excited! There was the familiar cotton bails! Maybe later in the week, I can drive around and get some great pictures of valley life. This is a great time of year around here! Raisins are drying, cotton is being picked, air is filthy, (do you know that they told us when enticing us to move here that the air was organic! Not smog...that the particles in the air was agricultural byproducts. I thought...."how cool", then we moved here and we all got Asthma! But I digress) and the tule fog is just around the corner! I love it!

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