Sunday, October 12, 2008

Did I mention I love my i phone?

Here is my latest fun thing for my i phone. It's a lime green silicone case! I was a little worried about diving into the cell phone world. I DROP everything! I figured I would surely drop a phone! And the i phone is amazingly thin and slippery! But these silicone glove cases are wonderful. I grip them with no problem!

I spend a lot of time playing games! I love the scrabble application. I win about 80% of the time. But (don't tell anyone) it has a "best word" feature, which I am not opposed to using! :D

Some other apps I am having fun with are-

Preschool Adventure (also known as "cow" in our house. CJ's favorite)
Koi Pond

The B-gammon is not so great. I feel it "knows" whenever I am not protected and I always end up on the bar! So, you know what I do? I just start over...I won't give it the satisfaction of beating me! Can you say HAL?

Pretty much anything you want can be found for the iphone!

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