Friday, October 10, 2008

Family and Friends

I have quite a collection going! I don't know how it started. I suppose I over heard a man in the Silhouette shop at Disneyland. He was having one done of his daughter for his mom. He said she had them lining the hall from all his siblings. They are all grown and now they are giving her one of her grandchildren. I thought "what a great idea"! So the next time Mary went to Disneyland I asked her for one of Cecilia. I got one of Cecilia and one of Her with Cecilia. Then, when she went again with her husband I asked for one of the both of them. Then when Gene and Kelly went, I asked them for one.

You remember sometime back I talked about finding the one of Gene and I we did in 1977. So, I guess it all started with that one silhouette. Anyway, for my birthday my very bff gave me one of her and her 2 youngest children. Odd you might think? Not at all! Maybe I should get everyone to give me one! You see, they give you 2 when you buy one. I could solicit it the other one! Anyway, I love them. Maybe I should check on eBay for abandoned ones. The poor ones orphaned ones that are being sold at swap meets and garage sales!

I had this one done so I could shrink it for my Pensiero sign on the right hand side of the blog. This is the curse of a collector personality!

So friends, want to know what to get me? How about a Silhouette from Disneyland! You get to have a great trip, a souvenir and give a gift to someone you love in your life! And to those of you that want to throw away your old silhouettes or put them in a garage sale....send them to me, I will love them!

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