Tuesday, November 11, 2008

BFF or Sleeping Beauties, Can't decide

My sweetie is going on a big trip to Montana in a couple of days. I really miss her when she is gone. (along with her family) :-)

To help us cope we got to have her the last couple of days. She loves our dog Momo. She is pretty tough on her though. But Momo takes it like a trooper. If she gets tired of the tugging and squealing, then she turns around and barks at her in a very authoritative way!

As I type CJ is sleeping. We shut the door, but apparently it wasn't enough because Momo forced open the door and is now sleeping on the bed with CJ. I look at it and smile. Look at my sleeping beauties. Best friends forever! I wish Momo was not 12 years old. I know it can't be forever, but right now it seems like that!

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