Sunday, November 09, 2008

My rabbit is cuter than yours! my BFF Marti was poking fun at me on her blog post Friday. You will have to go HERE to read her snappy, spiffy, artistic post. She was making fun of my toad post. I must say, she received some not so toad loving comments. Well, I feel I have the upper hand now!

My son and his lovely wife stopped by tonight to enjoy the tortilla soup we had for dinner. Well, Kelly loves the soup, Geno not so much, but that is a digression.

They come in and say "there is a cute bunny out down the street. What should we do? Should we try and catch it". I said..."TAKE A PICTURE"! All I could think was "here is my chance to one up Marti!" So, as the great kids they are, they ran out with my Nikon D40 and dutifully snapped these great shots!

So, I can confidently say..."my rabbit is cuter than yours!" Now I feel so vindicated! So what if it is an escaped pet! It is a rabbit!!!!! And look how clear the picture is!!!!!

Ball's in your court Marti, find any toads?

And the money shot...he is eating a leaf! Now before you wonder why didn't we help this rabbit, my son tried, but he wouldn't let him pick him up.

Anyway, I feel like it is blog wars!


Marti said...

Okay, so I grant you that bunny is totally cute, but...
an ESCAPED pet??
That's the best you can do?????

And yeah, those pictures are waaay better than mine, but you are talking about a DOMESTICATED animal.

I'm talking a hillside full of adorable cottontails - WILD ONES - not one that was picked out from some pet store in a MALL!!

In the infamous words of Bugs Bunny....
"I hope you realize - this means WAR!"

(P.S. I love this. =D)

Sarah Mundy said...

So excited you found a bunny with the help of Gelly. I loved also hearing that the tortilla soup is alive and well! Miss seeing you all.