Sunday, February 08, 2009

From here to there

A wheel chair is an interesting thing. It causes you to look at things you might not otherwise even notice. Yes, I had to use a wheel chair. I did something to my "good" foot therefore I had to use the wheel chair because my "bad" leg was not going to handle all the walking that you have to do at Disneyland. I don't want to get into all the things I observe about human behavior because of the wheel chair I did want to share this, because it is cool! Above you see a seagull that was one of the many that were fling around the Paradise Pier looking for water.
Instead all he found was that. Reading some of the reports about the plans they have for California Adventure, I'm not so sure they know what they are doing. (editorial comment)

Finally a spot to land....

Touch down!

Boy, don't you wish you had a wheel chair?

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