Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yes, I had to use a wheel chair....

Our trip to Disneyland was fun, but I had use the wheel chair. I think I might have mentioned I did something to my "good" foot. Of coarse I have not gone to a doctor. I know, I need to. Anyway, the chair really helped.

One of the things I hate about having to use wheel chairs is the feeling of isolation. You can't share your feelings with your family. They just can' hear you. I think that is the most depressing thing about using a chair but it isn't so bad if you have company!

It was really nice for lots of rides and the monorail. I (and all those with me) always got to go to gate 4. And other than feeling like a burden to everyone it was nice to be able to go on some of the rides that have such long waits.

I do have to tell one story.

When people like me have to use wheel chair, we don't always have to be in the chair. For instance, my legs go numb in a bent position. So we park it and do a little walking. We decided to park it near the entrance to Toontown. I figured there would be lots of kids and it would be difficult for the person that had to push me back. (big incline) So we (I hobbled) went into Toontown and CJ played in all the houses/play yards. We decide to go and get the chair....and....(wait for it) was stolen! I'm thinking "great, that's and extra $300 for the wheel chair"! Gene goes back into Toontown and John goes to Tomorrowland to search for chair #30. Gene finds a woman being wheeled around by a kid in our chair! Can you believe it! He had to go up to them and say "excuse me, but that is my chair!" She proceeds to say that she found it "abandoned way far away". Gene of coarse says, it wasn't abandoned, it was left right were he left it. Thankfully, he was able to retrieve the chair without having to call the authorities. But, really, who thinks to take advantage of a wheel chair? I mean they could rent one themselves for $10.00 a day. I thought we shouldn't leave it parked anywhere, but again my legs don't do so good in one position. And I did expect that at Disneyland people would leave it alone. I guess I was wrong!

Not to change the topic, but the looks people give you in a wheel chair, wow... Generally people are very nice. They move out of your way, way better than they do for strollers. But if you want to go on a ride, like space mountain, they give you dirty looks. They don't understand how you can be in a wheel chair, then get out at the front of the line and ride a ride. I always feel so bad about it. Then I stop and think I would gladly trade my disease for their ability to stand in a line. Of coarse everyone doesn't know that, and if you just look at me you wouldn't know I was sick. Sometimes I think I should wear a shirt that says "I have M.S. and sometimes I can walk and sometimes I can't"! I'm rambling right now, but one time I stood up to take a picture and the DL employee asked me what my handicap is. I told my son about this and he thinks I should sue. (apparently it is illegal to ask someone that) I didn't mind as I was able to educate him about M.S.

Anyway, those are some reasons why I hate using the wheel chair. But I have one more nice story. Mary and I rode Screamin'. And I told her to leave me at the top of the boardwalk while she went and found the rest of the family. I guess I looked pitiful because a couple of fellow wheel chair people came over (they had the motorized ones) and asked if I was ok and if I needed help. I thought that was nice. I guess they thought I was left at the top of the Paradise Pier to fend for myself.

When I need to stretch it doubles as transportation for others! Somehow, I don't think they will make it that far!

Who could deny a face as cute as this? I know I can't!
Some final tips. You can rent a chair from your hotel, if you stay at one of DL Resort Hotels. You can also rent one in the park and you can get a contract to keep it with you during your whole trip. But if you get it from your hotel, you can just turn it in just before you leave instead of having to take it back to the park.


Lucky Luke said...

Thanks for the humility, Pam! It's easy to forget that disability comes in many different forms with different challenges and perspectives.

I love the part about the people in the motorized chairs looking out for you!

Welcome to my blog! said...

Thanks LL! I really hate using it. I have learned why my mom never wanted to use the one she had. I use to think, "what's the deal? we don't mind" but now I understand she minded! Oh well, PTL there are wheelchairs. However, whenever I have to use one I feel like Captain Pike. (that's for all you Star Trek fans!)

Anonymous said...

As much as I know your family and quoting you, "what's the deal? we don't mind" and think your family loves you and I know they don't mind. Hey, kids go around in strollers all the time and how often do people say, "Man, I wish I could sit in one of those!" So just think how lucky your are to be in a grown up stroller! Plus... then you can keep up and get from Soarin' to Screamin' in record time! Just some positive (and hopefully silly enough to make you giggle a little) thoughts! Love ya!
Ash K