Sunday, February 15, 2009

I feel like it has been a Valentine week! (in a good way)

Our church has a special couple's dinner every year on the Friday before Valentine's Day. We had a yummy catered meal and instead of a guest speaker, we had a comedian! It was a fun time. I took way too many pictures. I'd like to share some of my favorites. I am still trying to figure out the best settings for my camera, especially in low light.

What would the night be without the star filter?

One cool thing our church has done for years is individual women host tables. They bring their own flare to the decorating. I am always so excited to see how everyone does it. So, instead of paper plates and plastic dinnerware, the ladies bring their own dishes, silverware, napkins and centerpieces. Most like to give little favors to their guests.

I especially liked these dishes!

This was a fun table! (I took this picture before the really creative chargers were there). What I loved about this table was the centerpiece. The Dr. Seuss like flowers were planted in sand. And the sand had designs it it! Check out the heart above!


My table!

My table with the star filter! (that's what I'm talking about!)

I wanted to know what was in those boxes! "(hence the name Pandora)

This table was a nice standout in the sea of red/pink. I liked it lots!

This one was very cute and decorated by one of our younger gals! I love the playful style!

I loved this table.

Valentine colored candy corn inside the vase with flowers on top! Very nice!

Kelly's table! I just love her Fiestaware! And that cute little votive tree! Really nice!

This was a cute idea. This hostess ordered "religious" conversation hearts for favors!

And I and one of her guests wanted to see if it would float. (too much Letterman) As you can see (or not) it sank!

This one had the conversation hearts, but also some paper lanterns in the center. I thought that was very creative! (she used glow sticks inside, but of coarse I didn't get a picture of that!)

That is as close as I could come. Center of the table...greenish light.

What I like about that center table, is that it looks like the plates are glowing. They weren't, but I guess it is some kind of reflection.

Very nice table! I love the dishes. But this is the amazing thing.....

Her HUSBAND made the favors! They were truffles! WOW!

Then as if all that was not amazing enough...there were THREE cakes! White, chocolate and carrot!

All in all a great time! We have such an amazing church! If you are a medium size church, have a building and have great members try this way to do events! You won't be disappointed!

Hope your Valentine's Day was filled with joy!


Marti said...

Isn't it bad enough that I already wish Gene was my pastor??
What a wonderful and beautiful event!
I love your pictures and I love all the tables and now I'm putting "star filter" on my must-have list. =D

I love you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly with all the nice things you said about our Beloved's Banquet. I love the tables too! You see cutesy, sexy, romantic, whimsical and traditional. Another great thing is that usually you sit with people you may not get to visit with very often on Sunday's and get to know new couples! What's the story behind the Beloved's Banquet? When did this great tradition start? When we got the building or before that? When you say "your table" do you mean you hosted or someone else? AWESOME pics! My camera was full of Levi pics so I didn't take any... I might have to steal some from your page. I love, love, love you Pam!