Monday, February 16, 2009

LDN Update

So my new Momentum magazine came from the M.S. Society. I generally enjoy getting it even though I know it is more of a drug company advertisement.

I was so surprised to find an article titled "Low-dose naltresxone (LDN) The '411' on LDN". Don't get too excited!

The last paragraph pretty much sums it up-
Like most of my colleagues, I believe we need answers before LDN can be considered a reasonable MS therapy. But because the medication is already FDA approved for other uses, it can be acquired. Some people with MS may be interested in considering this therapy now. They should be aware of all the limitations of the current scientific information as well as liability and insurance issues (typically insurance will not cover LDN for MS) and discuss the information in detail with a knowledgeable health care professional.

You can read the article for yourselves here. (Click on PDF under the "Healthy Living" section)

Now...I love the part about liability and insurance issues! Especially the part that says "typically insurance will not cover LDN for MS".

I guess we (LDN) users are stupid! First of all, if someone would run reliable studies it would be great! (that requires big bucks, and since there is no get it) Check out the LDN site to see information about the great results with other diseases like Crohns disease. The comment about insurance is designed to make people not want to even look into it. I took Betaseron for 5 years! It's cost was $1,500.00 a month. When my insurance would only cover 70% (after my yearly deductible was met) I had to apply for aid from the Betaseron people. They were so nice to give it to me for only $50.00 a month! (well, after they received the 70% from my insurance which was around $1,050.00) LDN costs about $50.00ish for 3 months! Are we all seeing it now? Drug companies make no money on drugs like LDN. I've been on LDN for 2 1/2 years now. I have not had a major attack or even a new area attacked. What I don't have is the feeling of flu 24 hours a day, horrible bruising from injections and terrible exhaustion. When on Betaseron I had several new episodes. I had a new bout with optic neuritis, various problems with my bladder and one where I couldn't even hold a pencil! So, I would say that I have stayed the course. I haven't really gotten worse. Yes, I have to use a wheel chair at Disneyland, but I did that at least once before while on Betaseron.

Look, the LDN people have no reason to lie about their opinions about the helpfulness of the drug. They don't have a vested interest. They seem to be people who just want to help. I would say I am better than when I was on Betaseron, just because I don't have the horrible side effects. LDN doesn't cure M.S. but it seems to stop the progression, at least it has in me!

I love the comments about no help with depression in people with M.S. Well, first of all people with M.S. get depressed. In my case it is not because I have M.S. but because I can't do things I want to! Like when I try and walk but my foot does not follow with my mind! Or the fact that I can't do a lot of things on my own because of fatigue. I think those things are personal struggles every person with any kind of serious disease has to deal with. I just don't think there is a "happy" pill that can make you feel great when you are struggling with doing the normal everyday things of life!

They claim irritability is a side effect with some people....hummmm....I don't know where they get that from! :-D Maybe we are irritable because of stupid articles like this! Look, you have to take control of your own illness. Search out all the information. Don't be scared into taking one of the ABC drugs just because of the fear of being in a wheel chair. The statistics are that most people with M.S. don't end up in a wheel chair. A big majority of people have minor problems and live to a normal age. Yes, it is a disease that can take away your freedoms bit by bit. But so does AGE! Anyway, if any of those other drugs cured M.S. we would know about it! Remember IT IS YOUR LIFE! Find a doctor that understands that and is willing to let you decide!

So, I finished reading that article and saw this

hold the presses...a thing of beauty!

Look at that sweet i phone case! Don't get too excited...

I'm bummed at the Momentum magazine so I opt to peruse the Martha Stewart Living magazine that came the same day. Let me defend myself. I quit subscribing to the Living magazine years ago. Why? Well, I basically couldn't stand feeling like a looser reading it. I mean, she came up with the weirdest things. (and still does) I started getting this magazine because my beloved Mary Englebreit magazine stopped publication. (can you hear the tears?) They sent me Living to fill out my remaining subscription. Man...what a drag! Anyway, while flipping through the pages I saw that picture above! What is it? I want one! Oh wait, it's Martha Stewart! It is a cell phone cover made of wood by Miniot. It comes in several woods including mahogany. I should have known. A cell phone case that nearly costs nearly as much as the phone - $80 euros plus shipping (something over $100.00 + shipping). And it comes from Europe. And you can have it engraved with a message, your initial or your personal logo, WHAT? I don't think so. Especially since the last expensive one I was given broke after only a few weeks! (it was a sweet gift for Christmas)

Boy, this was a bad day all around! I better stop typing because people might think I am irritated!

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