Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pooh helps Papa or man we have come a long way!

I'm embarrassed to say that this was our back yard, or should I say the clippings from our backyard that needed to be thrown away. Of coarse all we have is a green waste container that is
picked-up once a week. That was probably 5 feet tall in some spots!

I estimate it will take months to get this all gone.

So what we did was rent this lovely dumpster. I'm sure the neighbors love us, but hey, just think how beautiful my back yard will look!

Back to my story.....

Gene has done an amazing job! we have filled the dumpster 3 times! The cost is $76.70 you can fill it up to 4 times and/or have it for a month. I figure it is a bargain because taking this to the dump (if we could get a truck) would cost more and even more effort!

Anyway, Gene had help....as you can see! (part of my Pooh messages to CJ)

Only problem, is Pooh can be a slacker at times!

But here is the beautiful site!

All clear! Wait until you see what else we have done to the yard! I know, I know, we need to redo the rotten wood flower beds, but at least all that debris is gone, and we have one fill left!

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