Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Really? It's snowing in Georgia?

So my sweetie is gone again for 10 days! It might as well be years! Anyway, in true Grandma fashion, I sent pictures of Pooh doing various things to keep in touch. This time I was able to use my iPhone and the really fun app called iToony (thanks Luke!). As you can see, Pooh has been really busy doing things like tree trimming, looking for Pixie Dust (and finding it, may I add), finding old pictures of CJ's mom holding a Pooh of her own and drinking Holy Chocolate! He even learned how to experience snow (with the help of another fun app called iFunCam)! (He did that after hearing that it was snowing in Georgia-WHAT?) I sure hope CJ comes home soon, as Pooh is driving me crazy!

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