Monday, June 22, 2009

Had a bit of excitement tonight!

My son and his lovely wife have this sweet little cat named Tuna. She has been over at our house the last couple of days. She went through a surgery last week and has developed an infection from it, so they didn't want to leave her home alone. They stopped by tonight to visit and watch an episode of "The Deadliest Catch". We figured that Momo and her would get along since she was here yesterday most of the day and there wasn't much protest from either animals. We were wrong. Tuna didn't like Momo and let us all know it. So, we ended up putting Momo outside while they were here. Anyway, we notice Momo was barking. Well, she never barks. As we listened we noticed all the neighborhood dogs were barking. Gene goes outside and what does he see?

A Great Horned Owl! Not just one, but two. We think they flew out of the neighbor's palm tree. I ran to get the camera and I couldn't believe it would focus since it was way up on the telephone pole and it is very dark out. But there it is! I'm so proud!
Thanks to a sweet iphone app(iBird Plus), I was able to identify the bird as the Great Horned Owl! (because of their call)
Click above and hear what we heard! "The pair calling" (first one) is what we heard.

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Marti said...

"She wears The Cone of Shame!" LOL

Okay, the owl thing was VERY cool. Impressed you got such a great photo too.

Love you!