Sunday, June 21, 2009

I know who the #1 Husband, Dad and Papa is!

I have the best husband! Today was Father's day! My husband is so wonderful! He cooks, cleans and encourages me continually!

Above is his latest new dish, a Greek chicken thing. It doesn't matter what it is called, just that he made it for me and it was delicious!

He puts up with all of my frustrations with M.S., he helps with everything I want done, he works joyfully as a pastor, he volunteers as a fire chaplain and police chaplain, he loves being a Papa and does all of this with little or no recognition. I just want you know Gene, I notice and appreciate all you do for me and for so many others. Thank you sweetie!

Here are some of the recent wonder moments from the past week!

He loves making lemonaid! (I love drinking it!)

He always stops and smells the roses!

He is always ready to hold your hand!

You're so amazing!

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Marti said...

Look at this almost identical picture of Eric & Lucy.

Is there anything better than a cute ballerina in red tulle?? Adorable.