Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How cute am I?

Here I am with Joe the Myna bird! He was given to my Grandfather from someone...don't remember the whole story but what I do remember is that he cursed all the time! He could say my brother's name "Charlie" but that was about all he could say that was nice. Why am I postng this? I have no clue! I wanted to find the cute picture of me I sent to Marti for my Monday Blog Hijackery. Click here to see my cute picture and submission!
Marti is my oldest and dearest friend! It was such a blast to be able to hijack her blog!
Also, today is her daughter's birthday....so I had a party!
(Pam style!)

Happy Birthday Lucy!

1 comment:

Marti said...

Yes, you are too, too cute. (Myna Bird! Ha! I haven't heard about Myna birds in years.)

Thanks for hijacking my blog. And for the video for Lucy's birthday.

You are THE BEST!