Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Old Town Clovis

I've been sick with a cold for the last few weeks. It hasn't been horrible, but it has pretty much wiped me out. I was starting to get a bit of cabin fever. I stepped outside in the early morning and thought-"wow, the cool spell is still here!". For about 2 days we had low 80 temps. and I erroneously thought it would be the same this day! I wanted to do something! We probably should have done yard work, but frankly, I wanted to go somewhere. I asked my twitter buddies what we should do and about 97% said to go to the Coast. (lesson-in California "the Coast" refers to the Central/Northern California coast whereas "the beach" means the sunny beaches of Southern California) The problem is that going to the coast is a bit of a long drive, approx. 2 hours (each way). So I knew I didn't feel that good! We opted for Old Town Clovis. Old Town Clovis is a quaint little town just south of Fresno that has antique shops and restaurants.

I have a feeling you know what happened, it was too much for me. It got too hot, and the stores had little air conditioning. I was very discouraged at how quickly I became fatigued. I do have M.S. and I have been battling a cold (for 4 weeks or so), so we probably should have gardened then rested. I enjoyed the time, but was constantly wondering how bad I truly was feeling. I had to stop a lot and try and recover from the heat. I did have my camera, so I snapped some fun shots....so here you go!

If any of you watch the show Psych, then you know about the pineapple! I can't look at a pineapple without thinking about Psych! I want so bad to text them and say "Pineapple!" (which is a game you can do while watching the show, where you get entered to win a trip to Hawaii. I don't know what I would do with a trip to Hawaii, because I really don't like Hawaii and would probably never go....but that is not important right now!)

I don't know....this guy intrigued me! Reminded me of The Wizard of Oz!

This reminded me of my son! If I were rich, I would have bought all of these things!

This reminded me of my dear husband, the coffee lover!

I almost bought this...because it reminded me of a weird doll I had when I was born (1956). I have a few pictures of me on a blanket with it. But I was afraid it would come alive at night and kill me!

This reminded me of Johnny! I thought of getting it for him, but then thought I really don't like hunting and wouldn't want it to be used to really shoot something!

This was in a window, and I wanted to get it for CJ. But, alas, we never got back by that store and I just got too hot. Then I thought-"enough with this Dutch stuff, what about her IRISH blood!"

One thing I forgot was that Festus, (Ken Curtis) from Gunsmoke was from Clovis! I never really watched Gunsmoke, but Gene did. I do know who the character Festus is.

Of coarse Gene got a picture with Festus!

There was that....
And this....

Doesn't that remind you of the Country Bears from long ago?

I was surprised how few people were around for a Saturday. I was wondering how they (the town) could stay in business.

We stopped and had lunch at a lovely restaurant called Giovanni’s Caffe Italiano. It was a very enjoyable restaurant.

They had beautiful cut flowers in the entry and even in the ladies room!

There was this (butter churn?) that I couldn't help but think would be a great Disneyland Scavenger Hunt photo!

By far this was the most amazing thing! The ceiling fans were all connected by a big conveyor belt system!

I liked this Indian...which again, reminded me of Disneyland!

Another Indian!

We started noticing there were lots of cameras! Remember the Brownie Hawkeye? I remember we had one!

So of coarse we had to pretend we were taking pictures of each other!

Then I saw this....

I so wanted to collect rolling pins! But I have a small house, and really do not have much room! I thought this was an ingenious way to display them. I believe that was a old wine rack. Perfect size for rolling pins!

And then there was this....ummmm...It just interested me. Do you think it really works?

So, what did we buy? You will have to keep reading...

BTW....I began with a picture of an old water tower! I have been interested of late about water towers. There are so many around! Are they still in use? If not, why are they still there! I feel like I want to write a book about them!


gene pensiero said...

i love the tin man.

great pictures mom!

Welcome to my blog! said...

I should have bought it for you!

Sarah said...

We love Giovanni's! So glad you discovered it.