Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The wait is over!

This is what we bought on our trip to Old Town Clovis. A small coffee scoop. Cost $1.00. Do you remember A & P markets? I guess they are still around! I thought they were long gone. But when I google them, I found the y are still around. Well, this little coffee scoop looks old! It says "C.B.I. approved" on the handle and inside it faintly reads "One measure coffee to 3/4 measuring cup (6 oz.) water". I'm sure that makes since somehow. You know my husband loves coffee, so how could we resist?

Then we got this

Another thing my husband loves is crushed ice. He couldn't wait to get this! We do have an electric one, but it is too loud and makes me crazy when he uses it. So now he has this hand crank one for the bargain price of $12.50!

So there it is, our big purchases!

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