Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Since the last post...

Nick and Liz went to Disneyland! I suppose I should change the name of this blog to my collection or people who love me! LOL I know, I crack myself up!

Nick and Liz have been faithful members of our church for many, many, many, did I mention many years. They lead one of the worship teams. Nick heads up the sound. Needless to say we could not do it every week without them!

It was recently Liz's birthday and they went off to the Happiest Place on earth! Now the very same day I received a text from Nick saying they were waiting for the monorail, I received one from my BFF saying they were in California Adventure! It's like kismet! (what is kismet?) Or maybe the Karma, the instant kind! Or, maybe just my Lord trying to bless me and them! Being the "Pandora" personality that I am I decided to arrange a moment. I searched and found a picture of Nick and Liz-

Well, not this one. I love this one.

I sent this one to my BFF's phone and asked her to find them and do "something". Being the great sport she is, not to mention very outgoing, she did it! I told her they were just getting on the monorail. She went into DL and rode the train over to Tomorrowland, which is her favorite way to traverse the park. She got off and immediately saw a couple with a scavenger hunt booklet. Marti started the scavenger hunt fun on her blog. Click here to see and get a hunt! I like to give out hunts to friends who go to the park. Especially those who don't go all the time or those who haven't gone in a while. I incorporate some of Marti's and some on my own. Anyway, Marti sees a couple with a scavenger hunt book and says to her kids "I think that is them!". She went up to them and said "are you from Hanford?" and then my phone buzzes and this-

Comes through! I love it! I laughed and laughed! What is even more amazing, it is right in front of one of my hunt pictures! What is left of the Tomorrowland sky bucket stairs!

Notice under Liz's arm, the hunt! So fun! At the beginning of the post you see a new silhouette. They were gracious to get me another one for my wall! (I may just have to move to get a bigger house for all the love on my walls!)

That's Nick and Gene outside our Cafe at church. I love that picture!

Then at church the following Sunday, I was blessed by this one-

It's of a lovely couple Josh and Leia. Josh has been at the church since he was a small boy. In fact, he joined our little home school for one short time. I will never forget how he described an electric meter (part of our English class). In an essay he described the meter as "necking out". After all these years, I remember that! Josh helps with the sound and his lovely wife Leia plays base on one of our worship teams. Gene had the special blessing of marrying them not long ago!

Here they are at family camp last summer! Love you guys! Thanks for the silhouette!

Then UPS brought me his one! This is of my lovely niece Britain. I am so excited to get this one.

She's a lovely girl and until recently I never knew how much she looks like I did at that age!

Life is good!

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