Sunday, January 10, 2010

It began with a discovery

So here is the story behind the non-family silhouettes. In about 2007 I found a long lost silhouette we did in about 1977. (one on the right) In those days they apparently had that cool brown boarder around the edge. We decided to get another one that year on one of our trips to the park.

Then, as I said a few days ago, my friend Marti asked my husband Gene what to get me for my birthday. He said get her a silhouette. Of coarse, I think she might have thought I was crazy, or maybe that Gene was crazy. As a dutiful friend she did it.

Marti and two of her children were my first non-family silhouette!
So there is Jon and Lucy! My first!

After that it was on and the current stories are as follows-
Adam and Amy are Marti's other two lovely children. Adam is to the left and Amy to the right. She was the first one to do it with a character, the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. You see, they call me their Fairy Godmother! :-D

I think they are the most adorable kids I know! T

And here is Marti! Her and I go way back! At least..ummmm...33 years! This last trip we met at the Silhouette Studio and we did one together!
There we are!

I started to think...Hey, I could ask people to get a silhouette, and I'd be happy to pay for it. The beauty is that you get two when they cut them. So, if someone gets one then I could just have the "extra" one! So I started to ask for the extra one or to pay for them to do one and they would get a free one! My plan was in tact!
For instance, that cutie above, Levi, is a wonderful kid at our church. He had an extra one laying around, so I boldly asked for it! He's on my wall!
Pretty sweet huh?

Then there is Pat and Kathy! A wonderful couple and parents of Luke (who I blogged about yesterday) They are AKA Mr. & Mrs. Incredible! They have been part of my life for 25 years!
Funny, but I see the resemblance with the son (bottom right) and the mom and dad-Pat and Kathy (top). He is definitely a mixture of them both!
There is Jessica. She's the aunt of Levi. She blessed me with one. She is the only one I have that has her hair up!
I love how they are all so unique! Sometimes people say..."don't they all look alike?" The answer is a big NO! And when I took the 1977 one in, they knew right away who cut it! I was completely amazed!
Here is Grace! She is an amazing junior high girl that does so much around the church.
Thanks for the silhouette Grace! I have a promise from her parents that they will get me one the next time they go!

Here are Skip and Peggy. They are also friends of mine for about 27 years! They made the mistake of texting me that they were at Disneyland and I of coarse asked to get me a silhouette! Now, the funny thing is that most people never think about doing this. They are always amazed at how quick they are at doing it!

There are Skip and Peggy in California Adventure!

Here is David and Carla. They are one of the wonderful leadership couples at our church (along with Pat and Kathy). I came into work just before Christmas and a gift was on my desk. There was no tag and they probably wondered if I could figure out who's silhouette it was.

I could tell right away it was Carla!

This is the first whole family I received. And the only one I have with 4 people in it! It is another lovely family from our Church and the wife, Sharon Lathan, is on her way to being a very famous author, I mean, she has fans finding her at Disneyland and wanting her autograph! Thanks Lathans!

Meet Zach and Katie! They are a sweet couple Gene married last summer. They went to Disneyland for their honeymoon and got me a silhouette!

Every time I look at it I think about their wedding and how wonderful it was!

Along the way I have also gotten some unique ones

We had Cecilia done with Cinderella. Which turned out to be pretty cool, since most of what I gave her for Christmas was Cinderella stuff!

Then there is this...

I decided to get an "S" made so I could work on an art project I spoke about a while ago. Click here to read. I'm thinking now, maybe I will do the letters of our last name. See, ideas keep coming!
I got one of me with the evil queen from Snow White. Why on earth would you do that? (you might we wondering) Well, one time when our whole family was there. We went into the Animation Academy and did the test where you answer questions to see what Disney character you are most like. Everyone in the family came up as a nice person except my son-in-law (who came up as Hades) and myself who came up as the Evil Queen. So, being the fairest of them all, after all, I decided to do one with her!

One time while looking around eBay, I found this for sale! A rare white on black one! Well, I had to have it! You see my grandfather worked on the Haunted Mansion (as an electrician) when it first opened! So, you see, I had no choice really!

But what do I like the best about all of this?

I love that I feel every day when I walk into my kitchen and see all the loved ones surrounding me! I love remembering all the stories and knowing I am loved enough for people to do funny things for me!

Thanks everyone!


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Marti said...

How much do I love this post??
And how awesome and unique is that collection?
I also love that we are major contributors to the fun!

I think it's sweet how everyone remembers you at Disneyland now. Just like me. =D

I love you MORE!