Saturday, January 09, 2010

There was a wedding! There was a special gift!

My day began (well sort of) with a quest to find a "hidden Mickey" in Fresno. On the 99 after the Olive exit and before the Shaw exit. If I could find said Mickey, I could have a prize!

Well, you know me and boxes! ( name is Pandora)

There was a wedding today of a dear friends son. We drove the 99 to Madera to attend the ceremony. Of coarse, you see above that I did find the "hidden Mickey"! Right where Sarah said it would be! So I earned my prize! But first....

A kiss....but on to my prize!

Sarah (pictured so beautifully above with my lovely daughter-in-love Kelly), is such a lovely young lady. Her infectious smile causes me to smile every time I see it. We share fun things together. We text, send pictures (mostly of our dogs), talk about what to wear to weddings and play a fun game called "words with friends"! (anyone wanting to play me my name is pampensiero, start a game!) But, I prize...But first this....

Then there is Luke. Luke, or who I affectionately call "Lucky Luke" after the cartoon he and my son use to watch as little boys. When I think of Luke, I think of 20+ years of service to our Lord. Luke has been part of my life since the beginning. He might not remember being young but I do. Luke is the son on a wonderfully faithful and supportive family at our church. Luke grew up with my son and although he was a year older, they shared many things. They cut their first CD together! I still listen to it and cry every time! They both love the Lord and music. I am so thankful that both boys grew into men who love God and husbands that love and cherish their wives, a rare thing in today's world. Luke married Sarah! But, I'm still digressing....
My prize! There it is...given to me by-
Luke and Sarah! I just had to add this picture because I love it! They say they were soaking wet from splash mountain, but this picture captures them perfectly and I love looking at it!
You see, some time ago, a collection was started for me! My BFF asked "what can I get Pam for he birthday"? My husband answered "get her a silhouette from Disneyland"! Thus a collection was born. I currently have 29 and over 1/2 are from friends. My goal is to go around my kitchen.

Inside the lovely package was my latest addition-
I am so touched that Luke and Sarah would take time out of their personal trip to Disneyland to do a silhouette for me! I just love it! Thank you so much!
And there they are! Up on my wall!
As you can see, my collection is well on it's way. I feel such love and joy when I walk into my kitchen and see all the wonderful people who grace my walls. I know who each one is, I know the story behind each one. Maybe it seems strange to some, but to me it brings back memories of friends, family and many wonderful things! For Christmas I received 3. My almost children sent 2 (Adam and Amy I love you guys!), a couple from my church (David and Carla) surprised me with one. I know I need to blog about all of these (not to mention Grace, Levi, Zach and Katie, Jessie, The Lathans, Skip and Peggy, Pat and Kathy -I know I am probably forgetting someone-it's not intentional). I promise to do a post about each one with the story behind it. I will try and be faithful about that. I want all who read this know that I truly love each one! This was my day today and wanted to share it.
So, thanks again Lucky Luke and Beautiful Sarah. My life is full with wonderful memories of you both! Stop by their blogs and see what is going on in their lives. Their blogs are linked to their names in this post and they are listed on the side of my blog.

As I type, I wonder two things...where did the time go and where are the tissues?


Angela said...

I LOVE your collection! Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to my blog! said...

Thank you Angela for commenting. I love my collection!

Patrick said... kids love you toooooo! and so do i XOXO...Kathy

Anonymous said...

what a great collection and story... very unique... just like YOU... Love you Pam... Leigh