Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The best thing ever!

So everyone knows by now that I collect silhouettes from the Silhouette Studio on Main Street, USA at Disneyland. This past Sunday I was given another one (my 42nd)! This one was very unique and quite a surprise!
I opened the box expecting to have one of Josh and Leia. They had given me one before but I thought they did one of one of them with a hat on due to this picture they sent me.
But they were so tricksy! They were just sending a picture of a random kid who was not happy about having to do a silhouette. Anyway, as it turns out Sylvia remembers me, my collection and our little church. Not long ago she cut this for me
It's of my dog Momo. I sent a picture of Momo (left profile) via iphone to another wonderful family from the church who were doing silhouettes for me, half as a joke and half wondering if it could be done. Apparently the Silhouette Studio will do silhouettes from pictures. They said they needed it to be a right profile and that the photo I sent was not clear enough. I said, "ok....next time and thanks for trying". Well, they flipped the photo and had her cut it as a surprise. What wonderful friends I have! Anyway, back to the surprise silhouette from Sunday. Josh and Leia asked her if she would do a self portrait. She asked them to come back after about 30 minuets as she needed to think about it. She graciously said yes! So she did her first ever self portrait and what was she cutting out? (you might be wondering) MOMO! So cute! Then she signed and dated it! Wow, what an amazing keepsake!
So thanks a million Josh and Leia! You are amazing!

And a big thank you to Christine & Alex for the surprise of Momo!

And if you would like seeing Sylvia talking about the Studio, click here!

Here is a cute you tube of the shop (not Sylvia)

I just love the Silhouette Studio! My kitchen takes your breath away when you walk into it! I guess if I fill up the kitchen, I'll have to go to the rest of the house! I hope they never close the shop. I have one 30 years old! I love Disneyland!

I put Sylvia up on my wall in between Momo and Josh & Leia.

I forgot to mention why I think this is the best thing ever. I am not easily surprised! I think I was named Pandora appropriately! I can't stand a wrapped package or unopened box. I have been known to open a Christmas gift then re-wrap it! (and "act" surprised of coarse when I do officially open it!) I didn't see this coming. I figured they were doing one with an Indiana Jones hat on (which would be great!). Never in a million years would I have guessed they had this in mind! So, for that surprise which I rarely (ok almost never) get, it's the best thing ever! Thanks guys!

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