Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LDN Update

I've now been on LDN for 3 1/2 years. I am completely amazed at how my world did not fall apart when I stopped the Betaseron! I'm doing much better off the Betaseron than I did on it. I have never had a new attack, like I did when I was on Betaseron.

For example, I have been having a lot of foot numbness in both feet. I decided to go to a podiatrist yesterday and was happy to learn my problems are not circulation related! I was worried about this because my mom had to have a by-pass surgery in her legs at about my age. He said the problem is neuro-muscular. Since I walk in on my arches he gave me some inserts to see if it helps with the pain and numbness. (nerves in my feet are pinched) I appreciated that he is trying this method before he goes to the more expensive insert (personal ones made just for my feet). It seems to help a little, but I guess I need to wait a month or so to see for sure.

So, as far as M.S. and the LDN, I'd doing great! My neurologist thinks I am doing great and says I should keep doing whatever I am doing.

All in all I feel the switch to LDN is the best decision I have made in my 15 years of M.S. I have never looked back and I think everyone with a disease that LDN can help should think about trying it. As my doctor can't hurt you and might help. I'm here to say it does help and I am so happy it does!

(Why did I put that picture? It seems like you should always have a picture with the post!) ;-/

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