Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top of the morning to you!

Today is St. Patrick's Day and us Americans act a little crazy! I think it is because everyone secretly wishes they were Irish! In Chicago they dye their river green! There are parties and died food. Last year a dear friend made me shamrock cookies! If you want to read all about my visit to Ireland click here. Saint Patrick's Day is no big deal in Ireland. In fact, they think we are crazy over here in "the states".

I can't understand why they would think that, can you? Hey, I just did not want any leprechauns to pinch her while we're at work! Ah yes, leprechauns. The Irish (at least on my visit there) don't like the whole leprechaun thing. They say they don't believe in them and only have them around for Americans! Ya right! I thought I spotted one hiding around the corner in that shop. You know, they are pretty mean little things. Not your "Lucky Charms" sort.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Wear your green or you might be pinched! That probably comes from those mischievous leprechauns wanting attention!

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gene pensiero said...

love the momo picture.