Thursday, July 15, 2010

Backyard feeder

I don't know why, I love feeding the birds! Almost as fun as taking pictures of the birds. The other day, I set up my camera on a tripod and tried to get pictures of the birds. They were not to excited to come with the camera contraption set up

I'm not sure what the problem is...that looks completely normal to me! Well, the birds did not like me sitting there, so I had to move all of this inside on the other side of the patio door and hide behind the drapes.

Here are some photos as a result. I love this one with the bird in flight.

The auto focus on the Nikon D40 was more focused on the bird feeder, but you see there is a mourning dove and a finch or house sparrow.

I wish I got a better picture of the blue jay, but they are a little nervous. That is the only one I could muster! I wish we had more exotic birds in our area. In my yard there are mostly jays, mocking birds, (however I never see them at the feeder) mourning doves, various finches and sparrows. I know there are other birds crows, starlings, black birds, etc. but they never come. We don't have those pretty birds like cardinals, orioles, buntings, etc. We do have owls and hawks but of coarse we don't see them at the feeder, at least not in a positive way!

Well, that is what I do on Thursdays, along with my laundry. I figured you would rather see that than the piles of dirty cloths laying in my garage! Happy Thursday all!

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