Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Brain....What a wonder!

I'm getting ready for another MRI scan of my brain and neck next week. I have always been good about obtaining copies of my records. And this is a *tip* Always get copies of anything you have done. The problem if you don't is they will have nothing to compare your results with, which could be very helpful to the doctor who is trying to diagnose your situation. In my situation, I have rarely gone to the same place twice. I've gone to Visalia, Fresno and Hanford. The site I'm going to on Monday is completely different than any of the ones before. Some machines are sort of open, some are coffin like! That is not important right now, what is important is GET COPIES OF YOUR INFORMATION!

What I've listed here are some of the copies of my last MRI which was done in 2006. My doctor wants to see what has been going on. It's just lately the neuropathic/neurogenic pain (pain that arises from nerve dysfunction and not as a result of injury e.g. Trigeminal Neuralgia) has been bad so she prescribed Neurontin. After reading the side effects, I was concerned. But the drive to be able to sit on an airplane for hours in order to get from here (California) to Florida without having to endure excruciating pain, made me say...go for it! I am very HAPPY to say this drug has truly changed my life. I'm quick to say, I am not healed. But it helps tremendously with the nerve pain that I am in constantly! I can say, it pretty much takes it away! I think I could have an increased dose because I notice when it wears off. I will talk to her about that at my next appointment. I am very happy to say I have absolutely NO side effects from this medication. I am not sleepy, not anything. Just positive results! YEAH! Finally! I take 300 mg 2x a day. (for anyone who is reading and is asking that question)

Anyway, these are some more shots of my last MRI. (I am thinking the white dots are not suppose to be there)

I'm not a doctor, so I don't try and understand what I see.
The report says this:
"there are at least 8 foci of abnormal focal signal hyperintensity in the deep white matter tracts of the right and left centrum semiovale and corona radiata most of these lesions were present on the previous examination, but a 9mm lesion in the right corona radiata is new or increased n size since the comparison study. None of these lesions demonstrate contrast enhancement. No associated mass effect."
It goes on to state "Impression: Multiple abnormal lesions in the deep white matter tracts of the right and left cerebral hemispheres, compatible with a demyelinating process and consistent with the patient's history of multiple sclerosis. Most of the lesions are unchanged since May 2003 examination, however one lesion in the deep white matter tracts of the right cerebral hemisphere is increased in size or new since the prior study."
What does all of that mean? My doctor said the additional or bigger lesion could be because the equipment was better than the previous one. So basically there was little/no big change. When that MRI was done I had been off Betaseron and on LDN for about 6 months. I am excited to see what the new MRI shows. I'm not sure when I will have the results. Probably in the next couple of weeks!
Thanks for reading!

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