Thursday, October 14, 2010

Woa....Where have I been?

I know I owe you an update, but I've been so swamped (do people say that anymore?) with things. A couple of weeks ago, I went to DisneyWORLD! Yes, folks, I went to Disneyworld with M.S.! I have a lot to say on the topic but if you saw all I still have to to you'd wonder why I am blogging!

This will be one of many informational posts about the difference between DW and DL. And I know I need to throw in a M.S./LDN update, but frankly my last MRI results were not so great, so I will talk about it later. (why think about that now, when I can think about this?)

With baby Geno in tow and

As well as my BFF and Pooh...

We were ready to go!

I am very proud of my husband who got all our stuff in one check on bag and 2 carry-ons! With the use of his handy Rick Steve's convertible carry-on bag and some large pack-mates!

I have a couple of misc. observations...first, the security people don't tell you what to do. They were generally crabby and figure everyone knows what to do. When you don't they really yell at you. (I haven't flown for 21 years!) Second, my iPhone, which I LOVE has a terrible battery! I felt like a Borg having to plug into whatever outlet I could find. So, I thought I could get and send messages easier than I actually could. It spent most of it's time looking for a signal. Which made me wonder...why do I love it? It did help me greatly with enough space for thousands of pictures (I kid you not) and one movie and 2 TV episodes. They kept me occupied on the plane rides. I promise to give you more updates, but for now, this is it.
There we are! The severe weather sign...kind of freaked me out...not to mention the HANDWRITTEN boarding thought was-"I'm sure it was all fine!" Being pushed around in a wheelchair has its advantages but frankly I'd rather be healthy!

Day 2 we got to see this! I mean, who wouldn't love a trip to Disney World? (I can never decide if it is one or two words!)

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