Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blast from the past!

We have such lovely sometimes plain astounding. A few days ago a lovely gal, who has been at the church for some years, came up to my husband and gave him this page from our local paper (the Hanford Sentinel, but that is not important right now!). What was astounding about this was that it was taken in 1985. That's right folks, 1985. For some unknown reason she had this clipping in her things and when she was going through them, and about to toss it out, she saw the name Pensiero...then she realized it was pictures of my husband, son and daughter! Wow! The reason why it is astounding to me is that she didn't come to our church in 85 nor did she even know us until a few years ago nor did she know anyone else in the article!

I remember the day very well. We lived a couple of blocks from this park (Hidden Valley, but that is not important right now!). I would save the crusts from the sandwiches the kids had for lunches. (I always feel bad about throwing away food) I would crumble it up and then freeze it. When we had enough we would walk over to the park and feed the ducks and geese. It was fun, but those geese were petty aggressive. There was one picture of me in the paper with a goose in my lap. (as it climbed in there!) Anyway, what a wonderful surprise it was when she handed it to Gene. Thank you Cindi, you blessed us so much!

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