Tuesday, February 08, 2011

One is on time and one is late!

February has proven to be a wildly busy month! I try and keep up with the blogging...for you few who read, but I haven't been doing so good.

This past week my Granddaughter CJ had her 5th birthday! Wow! What happened? I went from being a teen to being a grandma! The last week was filled with lots of celebrations. My daughter and I made cake pops for CJ's pre-school class. Now before you get to wowed we chose the easiest one. I mean, dripping ice-cream cone is very forgiving. You can read more about these amazing treats at Bakerella's site. And you can get her book here! I love the fact that the book has step by step pictures!

As I said, CJ turned 5! What I love about this picture is that in the upper right hand corner (not panned) is a picture of her mom around this age with the exact same hair do!

She had so many little parties, but I personally liked this cake!

We gave her this one and she wanted the light up princess cake, but since I knew her mom was getting that one for her "big" party, I didn't want to ruin her surprise. So I opted for Buzz and Woody! The only candle I had was this Cinderella one, so I figured, it went perfect! Don't you think so? LOL All of that post was the part that was late.... I feel bad about that! But I was busy with parties and decorating and playing! And at least she doesn't read the web to know I'm late!

Now on to the on time one:

My baby is 28! *insert weepy sigh, as I'm listening to title song from UP*

Here he is at the ripe age of 5! Look at how sweet he is. I'm feeling like the years have floated away! What's wrong with me?

In my hall I have two of these frames I was given one year for Christmas. I faithfully filled them with the school pictures. Everyday I pass them, I'm reminded of how incredibly blessed I am. I have two wonderful children and 2 even more wonderful grand kids!

Right there is my son's early years in a glance. He has grown into a Godly, responsible, wonderful, handsome, punctual, rad, tall, sweet, amazing, kind, compassionate, giving and MINE young man!

We did a little make shift "happy birthday" for Gene because his little son, Geno, has RSV and not feeling very well. We picked up a few delicious cupcakes from a new store in Hanford called Butterkup's and boy were they good!

Thank you Geno for being the kind of son every mom dreams to have and wants her daughter to marry! You have blessed my life in ways I could never really express! I love you MORE! And HaPpY BiRthDaY!

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gene said...

thanks mom!

love you.