Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Thank you Lord for a wonderful year!

Amidst all my complaining this past December and my feeling that I somehow missed things...I had a realization! I did a lot! Every year December comes and goes and I always feel I have missed it! And every year I vow to make the most of it next year! And every year, I get older and slower! So...I'm going to recap what happened in my December and be very thankful that I got to be here to enjoy it!

This year was my Grandson's first Christmas! That will never happen again, and I was here to see it!

We made Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls with our Granddaughter!

This was our second year attending the Chaffee Zoo program called Zoo Lights! This year John, Mary and CJ went along with us!

Our church had a women's brunch where we had many talented ladies share their cookies with us!

It had been 15 years since we went to the local living nativity. Every year I want to go and every year I miss it. I want it to be a regular thing. The Riverdale Assembly of God church puts on a living nativity. The last time I went was before 1996 when my mom was alive. We took her to it. It was awesome! They act out the scenes from the Bible about Jesus' birth.

There was an angel hoisted up on a big crane! And below her there were lots of sheep. But we were in our car so getting a picture was hard of them because a light came on on the angel and then goes off when she is not doing the proclamation.

There were lots of animals...like this camel!

I was able to make my PAMAgranate jelly. And I have an amazing BFF that made labels for me so I look really cool!

We had a joyful Christmas Eve day celebration. It began at Gellyo's home. (Gene, Kelly and Geno) We had a delicious breakfast of just about everything you could ever dream of!

Gene read stories to Geno and CJ. (I love this picture!

Then we all came over to my home for the traditions that we began. (in our family) The pickle hunt...where Johnny was king! I think Garry (John and Mary) have won the past couple of years!

We read some of our favorite stories. Santa, are you for real?, The Cajun Night Before Christmas, The Gift of the Magi and the Twelve Dogs of Christmas to name a few. Here is a taste if you have 3 minutes-

We added a new tradition. The introduction to the story! That was pretty great!

Then at 4ish we trek over to CCH and have a Candlelight Christmas Eve service. After that we go over to John, Mary and CJ's home and enjoy a delicious soup made by John and presents!

I think my favorite gift was this one. The Rapunzel hair. It was like CJ transformed into a princess right before our eyes! She loved that hair! Such a joy to see how simple things like this make a little girl feel like she is special. She promptly ran off and put on one of her "princess dresses"!

On the Sunday after Christmas, the Children's choir sang in church and that was a wonderful treat!

CJ is there in the second row.

And after that service, some generous and hard working folks made pancakes for the cafe. They made me special Mickey pancakes!

Now, you can't beat that..right?

All in all, it was a wonderful fun packed December. I had time to goof off and take pictures of myself in reflections!

I mean..really, who could complain?

Hope you all had a wonderful December as well!

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