Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good-Bye Christmas 2010, we will miss you!

I can't believe the decline in my postings this last year. I just don't seem to get a hand on managing my life. I seem to be in slow motion. I seem stiffer and slower than usual. I guess my M.S. is progressing faster now. I occasionally walk with a cane (mostly for balance). I want to do a whole post about my health, and I know there are those of you on the other side of the world who wonder so I will... Just not this morning.

Top picture is of a dear friend Grace and my sweet dog Momo. Her and her mom stopped by just before Christmas to give me a great present! A mug and calendar! But not just any mug and calendar, one with silhouettes on it! And not just any silhouettes...some from my collection!

Wwwwhhhhaaaatttt? In fact, I'm using it right now as I type! Such wonderful friends made my Christmas wonderful. I can't believe my BFF made a whole post about my pomegranate PAMAgranate Jelly! I love you MORE Marti! And Christine and Grace I love YOU!
I feel like such a looser this year...no pictures of my Christmas card, nothing. I just couldn't keep up. Now, I am tearing down everything. Maybe tomorrow I can get it together in the blog world.

Here is a couple of things I got at Christmas...
My Darling husband got me TIFFANY earrings and necklace combo. He knew I always wanted something from Tiffany but with the economy the way it is, well, let's just say I didn't think I would be getting that any time soon. The we happened on a classy second hand store (one that takes high end gently used items). The name of the store is Castaways Concepts. (link attached to name) That is where he found this amazing gift! Thank you Gene P. I love them! A LOT!
Then my son and daughter in love gave me this eclectic charm necklace. I just love it.

My sweet daughter got me three silhouettes for my wall. But by far this one was the most unexpected. CJ with Ariel. I think I created a monster, as CJ now wants her with all characters! (she has her and Cinderella as well)

Then on one dreary day...a package was there from Disney. (which I did not order!) Low and behold the D23 fan club sent me a watch! Notice how the only numbers on the watch are 2 and 3! I guess they were sending them out to members! OK..that keeps me renewing each year! (don't judge my nails!)

When it is all said and done, December went really fast, but I did a lot. I guess it was just too fast!

Happy 2011 everyone! Keep reading and I'll try and do better on the updates!


Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I look forward to your next post. I use a
"balancing stick" too. I added crystal "bling" to it ( my grandchildren encouraged it) I posted some photos of it.
Sending hugs, Katherine

It's no bad thing to celebrate a simple life! (Bilbo Baggns) said...

Hi Katie. I have one that has roses on it! My little grand daughter, CJ, always wants to play with it. It is one you can make smaller, so I make it down to her size. I marvel how the kids think it is so cool and we don't! (or at lease I don't) Same thing when we go to Disneyland. She doesn't want a stroller but if I have a wheelchair then she is fine sitting on my lap...or sitting in it herself. Thanks for the comment.