Monday, August 08, 2011

While watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel, (well actually through the Roku but that is not really important right now) I found myself wishing I had an underwater camera! In passing I mentioned my desire to Gene and he said "I think you can get a one use underwater camera". "Really" I said. I'm sure you can hear my next sentence..... Off to Target we went and there it was, a single use film camera. For about $10 we could try our hand at underwater photography-Woo Hoo!

We just love doing new things with CJ and this was going to be fun! It was a little hard using film again (after digital) and floating while taking the photo but after a few tries we figured it out. I have to admit I am very spoiled by my Nikon D40 camera. When we were done, off to Walgreens we went and one hour later we had a few amazing photos. We had so much fun I know we will be doing it again real soon! I highly recommend the Kodak Sport Single Use Camera to all lovers of photography....try this before summer is over!


Gene said...

That's really cool!

Anonymous said...


I came across to your blog from google. Really a fantastic article. I loved it and willing to come back again.

Best Regards,
Emma Dawson

Pandora Lee Pensiero said...

Thanks Geno. Love You honey! And thank you Emma. God Bless You!

Pandora Lee Pensiero said...

Hey Emma leave a comment on my latest post. I'm giving a new awesome necklace away! I think it is perfect for anyone with M.S.!!