Friday, September 09, 2011


So here I am posting from my iPad! I feel so tech savvy!

The other morning, while enjoying the delicious breakfast my husband made, I heard an unexpected sound. You see we feed LOTS and LOTS of birds. I'm pretty sure my neighbors don't like it, but that is not important right now!

As we were sitting on the patio I heard an unfamiliar bird call. You see I have identified mocking bird, scrub jay, house finch, starling, purple fiche, coopers hawk, rock pigeon, humming bird, owl and house sparrow but this was different. I said to Gene "that's not a normal bird"! We jumped up and looked around. Suddenly we saw him there above on the wires. He was a beautiful parakeet of some kind. I know the neighbors have an aviary in their back yard. I looked up and was a little sad to see him. I'm guessing he escaped from their yard. I hope he makes it. It gets pretty cold here in the winter. I take solace in the knowledge that my yard has the most amazing amount of bird seed in all of California! Maybe the world! Good luck little guy! My yard is always welcome!

I guess I wasn't so savvy, since I had to go to the computer to take off the extra photo! But...hey, I'm learning. Thanks to the new blogger app for the iphone, maybe I can post more!

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