Tuesday, September 04, 2012

So sorry!

So much has happened since March.  I feel so bad neglecting my blog.  Truthfully, things have been difficult so the blog was the least on my mind.  First of all I had a major M.S. attack on my brain stem.  I believe it was due to a stressful situation I had just had and then about 2 weeks later I woke up with the left side of my face completely numb.  It was a Sunday morning, so my family was busy at church.  I had to call my daughter Kelly to tell her what was happening in case it was a stroke.  Well, to make a long story short, it was an attack on my brain stem and after everything was figured out (about 5 days) I ended up in the outpatient infusion center where I had a 5 day Solu-Medrol treatment with a taper of predinsone.  I felt ok even good for one day.  But the neuropathy in my legs quickly came back.  I found out later that this kind of attack doesn't really heal well.  My neurologist was encouraged that I wasn't blind or unable to walk.  That is always fun!  This was and still is a terrible attack.  I woke up and started washing my face.  Suddenly I noticed that the left side of my face was completely numb.  Not tingling or weird feelings but numb, like you had Novocaine!  I would scratch my face and could not feel the pain!  I would brush my teeth with my electric brush and not feel the left gum at all.  Now, months later, I still have numbness but not as bad.  It is mostly in my upper and sometimes bottom left lips. 

I guess the depression that comes from this kind of set back had me just doing the minimum to survive.  Blogging seemed not important.  I thought about completely deleting it....but here I am with my simple life stories hoping maybe they can encourage someone who has M.S. to keep trying and keep positive!
A couple of weeks ago we went to our annual family camp.  I was determined to catch a fish this year!  And I did.  I caught not only one fish but 6 and the biggest one to win the fishing derby!  Woot!  Woot!
Can you believe that?  I went in a boat!  Now, those of you who are 50ish and have M.S. know how hard this is.  Spasity is such a problem to bend then get up in a little boat that is bobbing around! I was determined to do it!  and we even took our grand son out with us. He got a second place ribbon!  Our church has the greatest family camps!
I have one other grand son that was born in July!  His name is Ezekiel.  He is a little sweetie
Here he is just about 6 weeks old.  Can't wait to take him on the boat and catch the biggest fish!  

Well, that is the update for now.  I'm still here.  A little worse with M.S. but enjoying what time I have and my grand kids especially.

I deeply miss my little Momo. The birds are fun but not like she was!


Time square Hotel said...
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ONEder Woman said...

Hi, my name is Ashley and I don't know if you get this a lot or not, but I think your blog is encouraging. I know that it's difficult to stay positive in hard situations whether they be financial, emotional, physical, or whatever the hardship may be, but to see someone rise above is good for my own heart. :)

Unknown said...

inspired by your positive outlook despite the trials that come your way. God bless!